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2019 HVIP Voucher Amounts

In the new Year 3 program, the base voucher amount ranges from $8,000 to $45,000 for eligible vehicles, depending upon the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). However, with adders, HVIP vouchers can reach $65,000 per vehicle.

What is the California Hybrid Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP)?
The California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) is a unique and streamlined program to help speed the early market introduction of clean, low-carbon hybrid and electric trucks and buses. HVIP accomplishes this by addressing the biggest barrier to the purchase of medium- and heavy-duty hybrids: the high incremental cost of these vehicles in the early market years when production volumes are still low. All fleets are eligible, whether they’re public or private, large or small. If your fleet might be interested in participating in HVIP, please see the "For Fleets" page to learn more.

The HVIP is designed to offset about half of the incremental additional cost of eligible hybrid and battery-electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles using a simplified purchase voucher. This amount was deemed critical by fleets and manufacturers to assist the early market. The HVIP is also designed to assist fleets and dealers by reducing this cost right at the time of purchase, and has been designed to simplify implementation. Dealers request a voucher with their fleet customers at the time of order; the amounts are pre-set for each qualified vehicle. This first-in-the-nation approach can become a model for effectively spurring clean vehicle technologies.

HVIP provides a meaningful "kick-start" to the low-emission hybrid truck and bus industry; it could help deploy over 1,000 vehicles this year, potentially growing the nation’s early market hybrid and battery-electric truck volumes by over 30 percent. Since hybrid and zero-emission technologies reduce greenhouse gas and criteria emissions, and cut petroleum use, HVIP provides a strong public benefit by helping to speed the commercialization of these technologies, and supporting a critical ramp-up in production that is necessary to meet California’s clean air goals.

The HVIP base vouchers range from $8,000 to $45,000 on a first-come, first-served basis for the purchase of each eligible new hybrid or electric truck or bus. However, with the program’s additional funding for qualified vehicles (first three vehicles purchased), voucher levels can reach $65,000 per vehicle. Additionally, there is a plus-up project available in the San Joaquin Valley that can add up to $30,000 more per voucher. The complete rules and conditions of the program are available in the Year 3 HVIP Implementation Manual. To find out what dealers need to know to take part, visit the Dealer Section of this web site. For fleet background on how to take part, visit the Fleet Section. Vehicle manufacturers can learn how to qualify their hybrid products on the Manufacturers page.

The HVIP is administered and implemented through a partnership between ARB and CALSTART (which was selected by ARB via a competitive grant solicitation).

For more information, visit the official website.

Voucher Incentive Program (VIP)


The Carl Moyer Program provides incentive funds to help pay for the incremental cost of purchasing cleaner than required engines, vehicles and/or equipment. The On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) allows truck dealers to provide a discount to owners/operators to offset the purchase cost of a newer, low-emitting truck. The VIP is intended to result in the accelerated turnover of older high-polluting heavy-duty vehicles with newer, low-emission vehicles providing real emission reductions above those that would otherwise occur through normal attrition. 

Existing Vehicle


Eligible Engine Model Years: 1994 to 2006

 (Diesel-Fueled Only)

Limited to fleet sizes of 10 or fewer

Owned by applicant previous 24 months

CA Registration Options: 1) Current and Past

24 Months of CA DMV Registration

Must have operated at least 75% of the time

in California during each 12 month period for

the previous 24 months.

Must be in "Operational Condition"

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