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The world is quickly shifting towards a future of all-electric, zero-emissions transit, and it’s important for the transportation industry to keep pace with these changes. Tom's Truck Center is at the center of that effort, providing the Southern California region with a simple, all-inclusive electric buying and ownership experience. We’re proud to offer Nikola electric trucks in our inventory, as well as the charging solutions that make them viable for your business. 

MCT Mobile Charging Trailer

Built on a 16-foot trailer platform, Nikola’s Mobile Charging Trailer offers portable charging capability to support any vehicle with a CCS1 connector. With the MCT integrated into your fleet, you can have your own reliable, at-the-ready charging solution that lives at your preferred fleet depot location or even in remote locations. Install up to two chargers in one MCT, with the ability to charge two to four trucks per day. 

  • Capacity: 175 kW
  • Connector Type: CCS Type 1
  • Cable Length: 17 feet (14-foot reach) 

eSKID Dual Charger

With no special permits or construction required for installation, the eSKID Dual Charger lets you get your electric fleet up and running in days, not weeks. The eSKID is a “drop-in-place” solution that gives you the freedom to charge your truck whenever you need to and wherever you want to. Charge up two to trucks simultaneously with 62.5 kW output, or divert the full 125 kW to one truck.

  • Capacity: 62.5 kW to two trucks, or 125 kW to one truck
  • Connector Type: CCS Type 1
  • Cable Length: 14.7 feet

Trucks & Fleet FAQ

How is servicing an electric truck different from a gas/diesel truck?

Electric trucks eliminate many of the maintenance heavy components that exist in diesel trucks, like the emissions system, fuel delivery system, transmission and driveline. With fewer moving parts, an electric truck should require less routine maintenance.

Where can I buy an electric truck?

Nikola trucks can be purchased and either of our Tom's Truck Center locations.

What is the difference between battery electric and fuel cell technology?

Both employ an electric drivetrain. The difference is in the system that powers the drivetrain. Battery electric vehicles use batteries to generate electric energy, while fuel cell vehicles use hydrogen fuel cells to generate electric energy.

What is it like to drive an electric truck?

Many drivers notice an improved ride quality behind the wheel of an electric truck. Power and acceleration are near-instantaneous, you won’t feel any gears shifting, and perhaps the most noticeable difference is that electric trucks are far quieter than diesel trucks. Regenerative braking is another difference between electric and diesel trucks, designed to slow the vehicle while regenerating energy back to the battery to optimize the driving range.

Why should I make the switch from diesel to electric?

Replacing 1 Class 8 diesel truck can eliminate around 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel and harmful emissions, like C02 and NOX, from the environment. Electric trucks eliminate concerns over vehicle idling and fuel waste, have less ongoing service needs and are generally more comfortable for the driver.

How will using an electric truck impact my operations?

Electric vehicles fuel in a different way than diesel or gas, and it’s preferred to charge these vehicles overnight when utility costs are lower - however, we also have charging solutions that fit other needs. In addition to different methods of charging, electric trucks have fewer moving parts that require less maintenance, like eliminating oil changes and DEF fluid and filters, and minimizing brake servicing needed with the help of regenerative braking.

I can't afford to transition to a Zero-Emission Vehicle. Can you help?

Tom's Truck Center has expert staff in place, that can assist with securing significant federal and state issued incentives and rebates.

What size and kind of charger do the Zero-Emission Trucks require?

The Nikola TRE requires a DC fast charger. It uses an industry standard CCS1 connector, allowing you to use your DC fast charger for electric trucks, box trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Our charging experts will size the charger based on your operations, dwell time and the number of vehicles, generally recommending 60-175kW (250kW is available). It’s most efficient to use the truck's dwell time to charge, during off-hours where utility rates are lowest, like overnight.

How do I know if my facility has enough power for an EV charger?

Tom's Truck Center has expert staff in place, and we have assisted in many charging infrastructure projects. We can provide a site assessment to determine if you have enough electrical capacity at your facility for the required DC fast chargers, and will work with your local utility if additional power is needed.

Are there electric vehicle charging incentives in my area?

Incentives vary based on geography and zip codes. Tom's Truck Center will locate any available charging incentives and work with your local utility to help reduce the cost of your charging project.

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