Recall Awareness

April 21st, 2022 by

Recall awareness is very important to us here at Tom’s Truck Center, if you have ever received a recall notice, we strongly advise you to act immediately. Recalls are made for one reason, and that reason is your safety.

Recalls are sent out to inform a vehicle owner of an issue as important as replacing the brakes or even the transmission, to small things that can make big differences later, such as replacing a screw in your steering wheel. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can handle the recall at your own leisure, but it is always advised to handle them as they come. This is wise because in some recall situations the timeframe in which the issue can be fixed may be limited, or there may be limitations on the needed parts, so the sooner you get in the better.  Remember, when completing a recall, it is completely free!

If you have received a recall notice(or phone call from our staff) for your Ford, Hino, Fuso, or Isuzu truck, contact our service department for an appointment.  Again, it is important to act on these recalls, to keep yourself and others on the road, safe.