The Million Dollar Club

February 10th, 2022 by

The Million Dollar Club


With Tom’s Truck Organizations Yearly Awards Ceremony just around the corner, we will be handing out many meaningful awards to our dedicated employees. One of the award categories is our Parts $1 Million Dollar Club, which is comprised of our salespeople that sold over $1 million dollars’ worth of truck parts in 2021. This club originated in 1999, and has been a tradition here at Tom’s Truck Center ever since! Within the last five years, we were able to surpass the million dollar benchmark, giving us our more recently created $2 Million Dollar Club! Now, this is no easy task for anyone, and some of these names are newcomers to the Club, but most of the people that won the award this year are repeat winners!  Let’s give a round of applause to all of our 2021 winners:



  • Eric Shuman
  • Mark Bauer
  • Ken Wilson
  • Greg Norman
  • Ian Craig
  • Alex Robles
  • Jesse Quintanar
  • Nelson Sanabria



  • Scott Egan
  • Dave Price
  • Freddy Vasquez