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In 2013 California introduced the ‘Basic Inspection of Terminals’ also known as BIT.

It was created to help regulate commercial motor vehicles & trailers to ensure that they are safe to be on the road and are up-to-date on proper maintenance. BIT Inspections allows us to determine if a vehicle is complying within California’s motor safety regulations.

Carriers must ensure that each vehicle/trailer being used as a commercial vehicle is inspected at least every 90 days. All inspections must be documented and retained for a minimum of two years. This form includes company & vehicle information, such as:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Vin #
  • License Plate Number & Company Fleet Number
  • Along with the signature of the motor carriers authorized representative performing the inspection and completion of all required repairs to pass inspection.

Here is a brief list of items that will be inspected:

  • No Cracks/Breaks to Windshield Or Mirrors
  • Brake Pads Thickness and Adjustment
  • Brake System Operation and Leaks
  • Steering And Suspension Systems
  • Tire Wear or Wheel Damage
  • Safety Equipment: Fire Ext. & Reflectors
  • If Equip Vehicles Hitch & 7 Way Connector Operations

Now there are some exceptions that exempt you from these regulations:

  • Vehicles that display special identification plates; historical vehicles; implements of husbandry; farm vehicles; vehicles used only incidentally on the highway; motor vehicles not designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property; firefighting apparatus; and vehicles owned or operated by an agency of the federal government.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your vehicle is subject to BIT inspection check through the list of regulations that can be found in the California vehicle code (CVC) section 34504. 12 (a) or give us a call!

Here at Tom’s, we are more than equipped to help you handle your BIT inspections and other needs, truly Driven to keep you Driving.

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