Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): Advantages of CNG over diesel

December 26th, 2017 by

Diesel fuel has been the dominant fuel in the trucking industry for many years, but now a different form of fuel is taking the reins: Compressed Natural Gas or CNG. California has been the leading force for cleaner fuel sources, and this fuel source is at the forefront. Many truck manufacturers are taking notice, and have developed CNG and hybrid style trucks that can perform to the standards of their diesel counterpart. Here are some of the advantages to having a CNG truck versus a diesel:

Reduced fuel cost

Gas and diesel prices have seen an increase in prices of over 140% in the past few years, and the prices could keep escalating. The price of CNG would cut your fuel cost by over 50%!

Environmentally friendly

CNG is the cleanest burning fuel used for transportation on the market today. It has a low carbon content, and burns much cleaner than any of the petroleum options. CNG’s carbon footprint is almost 30% less, and has no evaporative emissions.


Many truck companies have stuck with diesel because it has high performance under strenuous conditions, but CNG is just as competitive. CNG has an octane rating of over 130, and can perform in either hot or cold conditions. CNG vehicles also experience no vapor leaking, and less engine knocking from everyday use.

Made in the US

The US has estimated to have an over 100 year supply, and almost all of the natural gas used domestically has been produced here at home. The country is in the process of converting over eight million trucks to CNG to help ease the demand for foreign oil imports.

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