How to receive up to $15,000 in rebates on new commercial hybrid trucks!

August 30th, 2018 by

Remember when hybrid vehicles used to cost as much as a small home? Well no longer! The State of California is offering a great rebate program to help you buy a new hybrid.

The California Hybrid Voucher Incentive Program, or HVIP, is California’s way to offer $15,000 in rebates for buyers of new hybrid commercial vehicles. With gas prices nearly $4 and climbing, this rebate program aims to alleviate the stress of buying a new commercial vehicle and make it more affordable than ever. In many new studies, purchasing a new hybrid vehicle offers cheaper operating costs over traditional gas or diesel vehicles.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves on how great this rebate is, there is a catch. California will only offer a limited number of vouchers for the HVIP program. If you want to get your hands on a new hybrid vehicle you must act now before the program funding is exhausted.

Truck Price $75,000
Incentive Voucher $15,000
Net Due at Delivery $60,000

Benefits & No Hassle On Truck Owners:

  • Dealer handles almost everything
  • No grants or proposals
  • No waiting for customers, instant redemption
  • No lengthy application forms
  • At least 30% fuel savings in hybrid system
  • Up to 50% less brake wear in hybrid systems
  • Going hybrid helps reduce carbon and smog – Saving roughly 40,000 trees!

How it works:

  • Early bird gets the worm! First come, first serve
  • Trucks must be registered & operated in California for at least three years
  • Only obligation is filling out a mileage survey
  • When funds are exhausted, 2018 program will end


Trucks Cash Incentives Voucher
1 – 100 $15,000 Per Truck
100 + $10,000 Per Truck

*See dealer for further details and quantity restrictions. Prices do not include specialty bodies, body equipment, accessories, or taxes, license, and fees. This is an unofficial voucher. If voucher is not approved, agreement can be modified or cancelled. 

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