Inventory Constraints

November 9th, 2021 by

Managing inventory constraints can be an uneasy task. An inventory constraint, also known as a bottleneck, causes fully manageable systems to be limited in their ability to achieve goals or requirements that keep the system running as it should. A quote from The Theory Of Constraints.  A system is as efficient as its weakest link and that’s exactly what a bottleneck is to inventory.

Currently, the constraint causing issues for commercial dealerships, is the lack of trucks that are available for purchase. Customers are noticing the lack of vehicles when they walk onto a dealership lot, both physically or virtually.  Due to the low supply, and the continued demand, prices have been impacted. It’s an unfortunate reality of economics, and it takes a toll both on the dealership and the customer. 

At Tom’s, focusing on inventory is currently our main goal. We’re giving this situation our full attention, while also hoping to provide a sense of ease to our customers, assuring them that when these bottleneck situations arise, we as a company will be there with a focused plan of action. We have been very aggressive in our inventory purchasing process, with teams solely dedicated to finding used trucks for our customers.  With our solid manufacturer relationships, we strive to order as much new inventory as possible, and are ready and waiting for these new trucks to hit the lot.

The time frame in which this constraint will entirely dissipate is still unknown, so it is in our best interest to stay ahead of this unfortunate bump in the road as best we can.  We urge our customers to think ahead when it comes to their inventory needs, as it may take longer than they are typically used to.  Constraints or not… Tom’s Truck Center is driven to keep you driving!