MEGA PDC: How to buy aftermarket parts

February 23rd, 2018 by

Commercial OEM truck parts can run a company hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and companies have been looking for a solution. The aftermarket parts industry has been a boom business, and parts companies have been developing affordable alternatives. But just because a company offers a cheaper part, does not mean it is a quality part. Here are some tips to avoid faulty aftermarket truck parts:

1. Research – A person should always do their research when it comes to buying parts and even products they use in their everyday life. Reading reviews on the parts, and the company selling the parts can give insight on the quality of the products.
2. Verify part and serial numbers – Verify that you have the correct part numbers and that the aftermarket pieces will fit. There is no worse feeling than having a part come in, not being an exact match. Make sure that the aftermarket pieces are an exact replacement for the OEM counterpart to avoid further hassles.
3. Look for coupons and deals – The aftermarket parts companies are always looking for ways to distinguish their business from the next. They will put big discounts or deals on select parts. Always keep an eye out!

The MEGA PDC has the largest inventory of commercial truck parts in the United States. We have part specialists on the floor and on the phones that can help you find the correct aftermarket part for any truck. The MEGA PDC can have any part ready to ship by the time a customer hangs up!

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