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October 19th, 2022 by

Our Parts warehouse carries roughly 80,000-part numbers old and new, from Hino and Isuzu to Ford, Suzuki, and UD, divided into four levels in a 45,000 square foot warehouse. This meaning our parts warehouse holds the largest inventory of parts in the US today. You may be asking yourself how those thousands of parts get organized and sectioned, and the answer is simple, we go by the system of 5S.

5S is a five-step methodology for creating a more productive and organized work environment.


  1. Sort- keep only the necessary, discard the rest.
  2. Set In Order (Straighten)- Arranging and labelling necessary items for easy use and return by everyone.
  3. Shine- Keeping everything clean for safety and inspections.
  4. Standardize- The state that exists when the first 3 pillars or “S’s” are properly maintained.
  5. Sustain- Making the habit of properly maintaining these procedures correctly.


By following these five steps our parts warehouse stays clean and well organized for the process of picking, packing, and shipping the parts our customers need. Before a part is purchased the parts representative will input the customer’s Vehicle Identification number, which is known as the VIN. This will ensure the unique part number is a match to their vehicle. Once the part number is matched, an invoice is printed to get the part picked, packed and shipped off with care.

Parts are categorized by how fast or how often they are ordered. If a part is more frequently needed and is known for moving through the system more often, it will stay on the lowest level of the building near the packing and shipping stations. Those bought or asked for the least reside on the 4th level of the warehouse and those in between will reside on levels two and three.

No matter the part needed our parts warehouse will have it ready to be ordered and handpicked for you for shipping. Give our parts department a call today to retrieve the part(s) or information on the part(s) you need!

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