Purchasing a Used Truck

January 17th, 2022 by

Tom’s Truck Center prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of our customers when doing business with us. To help ensure that satisfaction, we are here with a list of a few simple steps to take prior to purchase.

In addition to the steps below, make sure you speak with a truck specialist to go over how you will be using your truck, to ensure you are recommended the right one. Overloading your truck or having the wrong specifications could not only be dangerous but buying the wrong truck could be financially devastating.

1) The first thing anyone should do when purchasing a used truck should be to run a history check on the vehicle, it is important to always have a good overall understanding of the trucks background.

2) You will want to make sure the truck has had an inspection. Having a quality inspection of the condition, gives good insight to help you decide if you want to purchase the truck. This is also helpful in determining what may need to be replaced or fixed.

3) After having the vehicle inspected, you may want to assess the operation yourself. By doing this you can check on the mechanical and operational workings of the truck. A test drive is always a good idea.

Purchasing a truck, either new or used, can be a major decision.  You should be considering history, condition, and your planned operation or use of the vehicle.  Another item that should be considered, is who or where you are buying the vehicle from. Tom’s Truck Center stresses the importance of knowing you’re being properly informed and educated on the items mentioned above, while avoiding red flags that other companies or private sellers may try to pass by you. These red flags can look like the seller being hesitant towards providing you maintenance records or not allowing a mechanic to do an inspection.

Tom’s Truck Center does our due diligence with all of the used trucks that we buy and sell.  Inspections and repairs have been made, to ensure the truck is safe and ready for use, prior to customer purchase.  When problems sometimes arise after delivery, we are there to help.  Here at Toms, we want to steer our customers in the right direction, keeping you safe and satisfied, as we are driven to keep you driving.