Recall Awareness

August 8th, 2018 by

When there is a recall, it is mandated by the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration that the owner is notified by mail.

However, in 2017, NHTSA collaborated with the State of Maryland to launch a program which vehicle owners can sign up for on their website. According to NHTSA, the program is used to alert motorists of open recalls at the time of their vehicle registration at no charge.

Motorists can search for their vehicles’ recalls on the NHTSA website by searching their 17-digit VIN number into the search engine. The result will inform you whether your truck is currently included in a safety recall.

Anyone who receives a recall notice should contact their local dealer immediately to find out about parts availability and scheduling. It is typical for there to be larger recalls and the supply of parts cannot keep up with demand. In that case, appointments are strategically scheduled when the parts are available.

NHTSA says they continue to advocate for the safety of consumers. For more information, please visit

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