The Importance of Checkups & Preventative Maintenance

September 12th, 2022 by

When is comes to commercial truck checkups, they save you more than just your money. A checkup has everything to do with Safety, without safety comes a load, or in this case a truck load of problems. These problems can be prevented and avoided by simply taking the extra time and precaution of checkups when they are due. This provides an opportunity to stop issues before they worsen or even help prevent them all together.

Commercial vehicles endure way more wear and tear than the average passenger vehicle.  This is due to many reasons, but ultimately, it’s as simple as the fact that they carry much heavier loads.  Although these vehicles are built to handle more, that doesn’t mean attention to small details should be avoided as these big trucks can still have issues just like a passenger vehicles do.

Tom’s Truck Center cares about the safety of its customers and the vehicles driven on our roads, that’s why we strongly encourage that all people follow through with routine maintenance.

For more information regarding service maintenance or to schedule a service, contact us at or 562-921-1411.

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