Tom’s Service: How to extend the life of your truck

May 3rd, 2018 by

Written by Chris Kaiser

Any person that owns a commercial truck knows that the cost of a new truck can cost an arm and a leg. Most commercial trucks need some customization, and that can come at a hefty price. So owners will do almost anything to avoid purchasing a new truck, and extend the life of their current fleet. Here are a few simple tips that can extend the life of your commercial truck:

1. Never miss an oil change
Commercial truck engines handle rigorous conditions and use. By changing out the oil and filters, it can keep the engine properly lubed and ready to handle a long day on a job site.

2. Rotate and balance your tires
Checking the rotation of tires will ensure that they wear evenly, and can offer a smoother ride. Another important tip is to make sure all four tires are balanced. This means that the weight of the tire is equally distributed around the axle. Any time a truck hits a pothole or an obstruction, it can throw off the tire balance. This can cause an accelerated wear on the suspension, and add thousands to a repair job.

3. Check all the fluid levels
Always make sure a commercial truck has adequate levels of essential fluids. These include oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, and even windshield wiper fluid. Make sure the truck has had a cool-off period, because a hot truck can give inaccurate fluid measurements.

4. Call for an inspection
The number one goal is to avoid having to take a truck into a service shop, but an owner has to know when it’s time to bring in an expert. Tom’s Service Center offers top to bottom inspections, and can properly diagnose an issue with a truck. They can also bring awareness to a dormant issue. One day in a service shop for an inspections beats having your truck off the road for a week to fix a major issue.

Tom’s Service Center is the leading expert in medium-duty service in Southern California. Our advisors and technicians are the top in the industry, and are ready to help keep your truck on the road. Give us a call to schedule your next service appointment!

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