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January 7th, 2018 by

Throughout the commercial truck industry, there have been debates over the use of gasoline or diesel fuel for work trucks. Each fuel source has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cost, power, and other metrics. Here is the simple breakdown of gas versus diesel with an Isuzu NPR-HD:

What is the cost of the gas and diesel models of the Isuzu NPR-HD?

The gas model starts at $45,000, and the diesel model starts at $53,000.

What engines are offered for the NPR-HD?

The gas engine is a GMPT L96, 6.0L V8 engine, and the diesel engine is a 4HKI-TC 5.2L Turbo.

What are the miles per gallon (mpg)?

The gas model gets 11 mpg, and the diesel model gets 14 mpg.

What is the weight capacity of the gas and diesel models?

Both trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,500 pounds. The diesel model’s curb weight is a little heavier than its gas counterpart by just over 500 pounds.

Price breakdown: We will show the savings of driving the industry average of 20,000 miles per year.


The annual savings are just over $1,000 for the gas model of the Isuzu NPR-HD at the industry average of 20,000 miles. Any person who does not understand commercial trucks would automatically look at the financial stats and would say gas all the way. However, there are other factors that contribute to a company purchasing diesel over gas powered commercial trucks.

What is the average life span of a gas engine versus a diesel engine?

The average life span of a gas engine is about 150,000 miles, and the life span of the 4HK1 diesel engine is about 375,000. Isuzu has been steadily increasing the dependability of their diesels from their previous rating of 310,000 miles. Once gas engines run 150,000 miles or more, they will run into higher service costs or possible replacement. Those service costs could offset the upfront cost of purchasing a diesel truck.

Why would a company purchase a diesel truck over a gas truck?

One of the biggest deciding factors would be how often a business is looking to purchase trucks. If a company has high truck turnover, and are always purchasing the newest trucks, a gas truck would be the right choice for the fuel savings. On the other hand, if a company holds onto their commercial vehicles for long periods of time, a diesel truck would be the right decision for the longer shelf life.

Each truck has its pros and cons based on how a company will utilize their vehicles. Come down to Tom’s Truck Center, and we can help put you in the right truck for your business needs!

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