Tom’s Truck Center: Hot or cold, we have your food delivery truck!

December 8th, 2017 by

The food delivery industry is a growing market, and having the right truck could mean the difference between profits and losses. Here at Tom’s Truck Center, we have the solution for you.

Body Styles

  We have two main styles of trucks that a company could use: box truck and Transit vans. The type of business you specialize in will determine the style of truck you would use. If you are in wholesale food delivery, you would take advantage of the large cargo space of a box truck. If you specialize in daily food deliveries or small payloads, your company would look into the Transit vans.

Cold or dry goods? Other features?

Another major consideration is what type of goods you will be transporting, and whether your items need to be refrigerated or not? If you are transporting goods that need to be refrigerated or frozen, we offer reefer units that can keep your goods at an optimal temperature. All of our trucks are properly insulated to keep the energy expenditure at a minimum.

Tom’s has a variety of options to help ease your deliveries. We offer lift gates, load ramps, and a multitude of other accessories. Give our sales team a call, and we can customize a food delivery truck that will fit your business!

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