Tom’s Truck Center’s Partnership with GreenPower Motor Company

November 29th, 2022 by

Tom’s Truck Center, an industry leader in Class 3-7 commercial medium duty trucks and vans, is excited about the recent partnership with GreenPower Motor Company, Inc.   The State of California has enacted new regulations on emissions that are pushing more and more customers into zero emission vehicles in both the consumer and commercial markets. Tom’s Truck Center is helping its customers navigate this transition.

Tom’s Truck Center feels GreenPower is a great choice for Electric Vehicle products.  As it is explained from CEO of Tom’s Truck Center, KC Heidler:

“Not only has GreenPower designed and developed quality Electric Vehicles for the commercial space, but most importantly they’re building them today and are available for sale now. Many EV startups have promised to deliver vehicles but have yet to do so.”


Dealership distribution and customer service model

GreenPower is going with the dealer sales distribution and customer service network to sell their products throughout Southern California and the nation. Tom’s Truck Center and GreenPower created the leadoff dealer agreement between the two organizations. This goes against some of the strategies of other EV startups.

KC Heidler quoted:

“Selling vehicles without dealers is possible as Tesla leads the way in the retail world with that strategy.  Selling commercial vehicles could prove to be much more difficult as they need to be modified after leaving the manufacturing line.  There are many vocations that commercial unit platforms are used on, and we modify 90% of our products before delivery.

The dealership model also makes sense to create a high level of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, dealers are in competition with each other to provide the best price and service for vehicles being sold and repaired. It is very expensive to create service locations throughout the United States, in addition to finding trained employees to operate the facilities.”


Product Availability

We will help our customers navigate government incentive programs and we will also work with our customers on the charging infrastructure at their facilities.

GreenPower’s partnership with Tom’s Truck Center is the manufacturer’s 1st dealer partnership in the USA.  Tom’s Truck Center currently has demo units at the dealerships, with orders for more units pending arrival.  Reach out to Tom’s today at 562-921-1411 for more information.

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